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When you entrust your personal data to another company, you have the right to expect that it is properly protected. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and poor security practices, human error and cybercrime are some of the reasons that can mean your data is severely compromised.

Popular data breaches...

Popular payroll company Zellis saw one of its apps compromised by Russian hackers, leading to the details of many of the employees of its customers being accessed. Are you one of them?

Thousands of private pension holders with the Universities Superannuation Scheme could have had their data breached when Capita’s server was accessed by hackers. Around 370,000 could have been affected.

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Understanding Data Breaches

Data breaches result from inadequate procedures for handling and storing data, most commonly human error, and can result in consequences that can be devastating for some, or even result in financial loss.

When your data falls into the wrong hands, you are potentially left open to financial losses, while other people may suffer the effects of anxiety and distress as a result of their personal and financial information being leaked.

If your data has been breached, and the organisation responsible for keeping it safe has failed to put sufficient measures in place to protect it, you have a right to claim compensation.

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Get in touch and tell us a bit about your data breach. You will likely have already been contacted by the organisation responsible for the loss of data, so have that info to hand as it will help us expedite your claim.

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Once you’ve provided us with all the relevant information, your claims expert will do all the work on your behalf so you won’t have to lift a finger.

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Claims success

While not all claims are guaranteed to win, at the conclusion of a successful claim, we will aim to get you the best compensation amount possible.  You only have to pay us any fees in the event of claims success.

Our process

Our claim process gets results for our clients.

At Evans Hughes, we expertly handle your data breach claim to maximise your chances of success. Working on a No-win, No-fee basis, you only ever have to pay our fees following a successful claim, so there’s no risk of you making a claim and no upfront costs involved.

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Trusted claims handlers

Why trust Evans Hughes with your data breach claim?

At Evans Hughes, we have extensive experience of successful data breach claims and getting our clients the compensation they deserve. Our claims specialists have helped in hundreds of cases where people have suffered financial loss or emotional distress as a result of their data being leaked.

Our team have the know-how to get our clients the best possible outcome. Get in touch with us and we will be able to look into whether you have a data breach claim worth pursuing. To start the claims process, complete the contact form and we will be in touch, or you can request a no-obligation callback.

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Why make a data breach claim?

When you share your data with another organisation you rightfully expect that it is kept safe and only accessed by authorised persons. Those entrusted with your data should have robust procedures and security in place to ensure that it is kept safe.

When those failsafe measures are inadequate and your confidential or sensitive data is accessed, this amounts to a data breach and somebody should be held accountable.  Some breaches can lead to financial loss while others might result in the loss of highly sensitive information, such as health information, which could be embarrassing or even dangerous when it falls into the wrong hands.

To ensure that a breach does not occur again and that you get access to any compensation you deserve, you should make a data breach claim for financial losses and/or emotional distress.

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Claim values

How much could a claim be worth?

The value of a data breach claim can vary depending on the severity of the data breach and its potential consequences. Breaches, where you have suffered financial losses, will take into account the amount of those losses.

Data breaches that involve the leaking of highly sensitive data can be very distressing for some individuals and could result in higher levels of compensation. The significance of the data and how long it was accessible before the breach was detected can also have a bearing on potential compensation amounts.

Claims process

How long does a data breach claim take?

Data breach claims are always of varying lengths and can take anything from a few months to several years to be settled. Much depends on how straightforward the breach is and whether the organisation is willing to accept a settlement.

In some instances, similar claims may be handled as a collective group action and may require court proceedings when it has not been possible to settle out of court.

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