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Capita Data Breach Compensation.

Are you a pension holder with an account administered by Capita between 2021 and the 31st of March 2023? If so, you could be one of the hundreds of thousands, including pension members of Marks & Spencer, Atlas and British Coal, who could be entitled to compensation due to a data breach.

What happened?

Capita is an administrative support firm for a number of pension schemes. They experienced a cyber attack earlier in the year, on March 31, although they initially denied anything of the sort had happened. When it finally came to light after an investigation, it was revealed that unauthorised individuals had infiltrated and potentially copied records dating all the way back to 2021.

In excess of half a million members of various pension schemes could have been affected by the Capita data breach. This includes members of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), and pension schemes relating to employees of Mark & Spencer, British Coal, Unilever and BAE Systems, to name but a few.

Capita’s failure to uphold the Data Protection Act 2018 is a breach of the UK’s legislation on protecting the data of customers who give you their information. Failure to do this can be a risk to the physical, mental and financial health of those whose data is supposed to be protected. Previous compensation claim figures are around £1.25 million.

What was leaked?

The following was leaked from Capita’s administrative system:

Compensation claims are not limited to those who have lost finances due to the breach. Having your data accessed could cause a great deal of emotional and mental anguish. This is because of the possibility that anything could happen with the details that the unauthorised individuals accessed. 

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Am I eligible for Capita Data Breach Compensation Claim despite no loss?

Yes. The majority of Data Breach Compensation Claims are actually filed despite there being no financial losses whatsoever. Emotional distress is a perfectly valid reason to make a compensation claim. 

In the fairly infamous case of “Vidal Hall vs Google 2015”, the plaintiffs sued Google for illegally placing trackers on the computers after accessing them without the permission of many of their customers.

The targeted campaign generated a great deal of stress and emotional turmoil during this time, and the entire case ended with the courts ruling in their favour. 

So, if you’ve been a pension holder of affected accounts between 2021 and March 2023, you could be eligible for compensation. Click on our “Start your claim” button and fill in our short form.

Data Protection Act 2018

The Data Protection Act of 2018 replaces the 1998 Data Protection Act and offers a robust legal framework for data protection in the country.

All personal information given to a company must be safeguarded, and only those authorised, meaning those with actual need to access them, can even see them. Whenever someone requests access, they must go through a security process that only the owner of the account should know. It’s only then that they are allowed access. 

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