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DHL Data Breach Compensation Claim.

Evan Hughes has put together this page in order to help those who may be affected by a Data Breach Claim via DHL to pursue a DHL Data Breach Compensation Claim. We will go over the details of the DHL data breach, what makes you eligible, how to claim and what to do to protect yourself in the event that you’ve been compromised.

Why are people making DHL Data Breach Compensation Claims?

Early in July 2023, a company that DHL, a primary logistic courier service, contracted was attacked by a cyber attack. The company that was attacked is named Zellis, a company that provides payroll support to many companies in the UK.

The data breach affects the following:

  • DHL Staff that worked around the month of July 2023.
  • DHL Staff that worked before the July data breach.


The data that was breached included the following:

  • Employee DHL payroll
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance
  • Number
  • The first line of address
  • Employment start date
  • Employment end date


As you can see from the information that was stolen the cyber attackers took quite a haul. Whilst no details that are likely to result in financial losses are present in the attack, it’s important to understand that essentially having your entire identity out there, as well as how to find you, can cause a massive amount of emotional distress.

It’s for this that many of our clients are making DHL Data Breach Compensation Claims.

How did the Zellis Data Breach happen?

Zellis, the company that DHL uses as a payroll service, uses a program named MOVEit to facilitate payments. However, it turns out that MOVEit had a weakness that a Russian hacker group exploited.

Through this exploit, they were able to access this private sensitive data and pulled the information listed above. They then approached Zellis with a ransom offer, which we assume was declined – as the information soon went live on the dark web, where nobody can pull it.

Cyber attack groups have increased in number, as well as ransomware attacks, due to the high profitability that these data breach attacks can bring. This is because whenever a ransomware attack happens, it might actually be tempting to pay the ransom, as the Zellis’ Data Breach Compensation Claims have the potential to severely damage the company in the amount paid out.

Which brings us to our next point. Are you eligible for the DHL Data Breach Compensation Claim?

Step 1

Contact Us

Get in touch and tell us a bit about your data breach. You will likely have already been contacted by the organisation responsible for the loss of data, so have that info to hand as it will help us expedite your claim.

Step 2

Leave us to it

Once you’ve provided us with all the relevant information, your claims expert will do all the work on your behalf so you won’t have to lift a finger.

Step 3

Claims success

While not all claims are guaranteed to win, at the conclusion of a successful claim, we will aim to get you the best compensation amount possible.  You only have to pay us any fees in the event of claims success.

Our process

Our claim process gets results for our clients.

At Evans Hughes, we handle your data breach claim to maximise your chances of success. Working on a No-win, No-fee basis, you only ever have to pay our fees following a successful claim so there’s no risk of you making a claim and no upfront costs.

Start your data breach claim today.

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Are you eligible for a DHL Data Breach Compensation Claim?

Perhaps this is news to you, as it seems to be to a lot of people, but there’s no requirement for you to have suffered financial loss on account of the data breach to claim compensation. For many recipients of successful Data Breach Claims, the main driving factor of the claim process was the emotional turmoil suffered due to the breach itself.

Let us recap who is affected by the breach:

If you meet these criteria, then there’s a good chance that you, too, have been affected by the data breach. Despite it being a legal requirement to inform those affected whenever their data is breached, many companies have to undergo months of investigation to actually find the select people who have been affected by the breach.

As such, if you haven’t got confirmation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not affected – you just haven’t been notified yet. This is where we come in. Follow our link and fill in a short form that will take you less than 30 seconds, and we will forward your information to a specialist data breach lawyer who will contact you, assess the information, and then pursue your claim.

I am affected by a Data Breach. What can I do for security?

If you believe your information to be affected, the following steps should reinforce your security.

  • Change Passwords/Security – With your email address being your top priority, you should go to all the accounts you consider most important and change both the password and the security questions. The reason is – the information gained on you might be enough to answer your current security questions, or at least come close.
  • Inform the Bank – Your bank should be immediately notified of a major data breach so they can keep tabs on your finances. You should keep tabs on them, too.
  • Stay aware of phishing emails – Phishing emails are a common follow-up on the part of cyber attackers. This is so they can gather the last bits of information they need to attack your accounts.

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